History of KKA

The First Kindergarten in Uganda

Kampala Kindergarten Association (KKA) is the first Kindergarten in Uganda. It was registered on September 26, 1951 as a Public Trust by a group of European parents who needed a place where their children could be while they went to work. Initially KKA was exclusive to European children of ages 2 to 6 years but now is an Early Childhood Education centre for children of all nationalities. We are found in Nakasero on Plot 12 Kyagwe Road, adjacent to Nakasero Primary School.


KKA is a not for profit organization headed by a Board of 3 Registered Trustees who oversee the activities of a 9 member Executive Committee consisting of 7 members elected every two years by the Association’s supreme organ,the General Assembly, a staff representative who is elected by the staff members every year and the Head teacher who is an ex-officio member of the Executive committee.
The Trustees and the Executive Committee serve on a voluntary basis.
The Executive Committee supervises the KKA administration as spelt out in the Association’s constitution and is responsible for the general assembly for the good governance of the Institution. Past and present parents and the alumni of the School can be members of the KKA upon subscription.


The Kampala Kindergarten Association (KKA) curriculum has developed through the years. It aims at producing an all round child through formal and informal Early Childhood Learning disciplines such as Science, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Computer World, Swimming, Physical Education, Oral Expression, Music, Dance and Drama. Our team of specialized staff use practical or experiential, participatory and observation approaches to the curriculum.


KKA is currently host to 650 young, energetic and promising children with 67 teachers and support staff. In 2009, the School embarked on a redevelopment project aimed at transforming its infrastructure to match its growth in the modern times. Thus far a block of 8 classroom blocks have been put up under an approved Master Plan that will see the face of Kampala Kindergarten Association totally transformed with 23 classrooms and a 1,000 seating capacity Auditorium.
At 60 years, KKA’s resourceful alumni are spread the world over and serve in various fields. KKA continues to excel in her core activity of Early Childhood Education, enjoys the confidence of parents past and present even as we strive to improve the infrastructures to match with the increased activities and expectations of KKA stakeholders.

The innocent eager faces on this website deserve the best learning environment for better mind development and that’s what the KKA Board o f Trustees, the Executive Committee and the KKA Management Team aspire to do so as to contribute to Uganda’s education standard.