• Proud to be Part of the KKA Family

    millyI have known KKA for a long time; it is indeed a wonderful place to be for the children and staff.

    The children are amazing in the way that they gradually learn about their school and become devoted to it. It is a really inspiring experience for me to witness as a staff.

    At the beginning of the year, you find some children crying throughout the first week; asking their parents to take them back home because they are afraid of the new people, buildings and language. Getting out of their parents’ cars during dropping off time is a tag of war. At meal times they only feed when fed by their teachers.

    In the next few weeks, the children begin to trust the people and environment around them and open up to learning more comfortably. They can now make friends and would like to spend more time in the playground than in their classes.

    They enjoy swimming and would like to have swimming lessons everyday of the week as long as the weather agrees.

    After a year or two in the school, the children gain confidence and are friendly. They can be seen playing with each other or greeting some staff around the school. They also eat all their meals with ease. The most transformation can be witnessed when the children lead KKA events by presenting on stages, MC-ing, speeches, prayers and displaying swimming schools at galas among others. They eventually learn to tell stories about themselves and their families and can read like children who are preparing to do their PLE.

    Even after they have left and gone on to other schools for primary education; they maintain a strong attachment to the school. Indeed KKA is the best school in the world!

    By Milly Namuli Serubiri

    Director of Studies