• Begining of term 2 circular 2017.


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    Date:  June 7, 2016

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Re: Beginning of Term II of 2017 Parent’s Circular

    On behalf of the Management and Staff of Kampala Kindergarten Association, I welcome you back and hope that our beloved children were well taken care of at home. The term has started very well and we wish to communicate the following issues to you:




    24th  –  30th May 2017            Staff Workshop – Preparation for Term  II 2017 
    31st May 2017              Children Report Back   
    19th – 23rd June 2017            Taking Children’s Class Photos
    3rd  –  7th  July 2017 Educational Trips
    17th  – 21st July 2017   Open Week        
    12th  August 2017                      Science Fair Exhibition
    23rd  August  2017                           End of Term II 2017


    • Children’s Class Photos:

    The school is organizing to take class photos. For record purposes, every child will be encouraged to take a copy at a cost of UGX 2,500/=. Details will be communicated later.

    • Educational Trips:

    As a way of helping the children to explore more of the environment, the School is organizing Educational trips for the children at their different levels. Details about the trips will be communicated in due time.

    • Open Week:

    As usual, every parent will be given an appointment to confer with the class teacher about your child’s progress and how the child can be helped to improve or progress further.  Details will be communicated later.

    • Science Fair:

    This year’s Science Fair will be organized under the theme “Creativity can help in Conservation of the Environment” which has been derived from the Theme of the Year; “Creativity Leads to Excellence”. Details will be communicated in due course.


    • Physical Education (P.E)
    Nursery Classes ( 1D, 1C, 1P, 1B, 1A, 2C & 2D) Monday & Friday
    Kindergarten Classes ( 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B & 4C)             Tuesday & Thursday
    Pre-Primary Classes (5A, 5B, 6, 7A & 7B)        Wednesday & Friday

    With the exception of the Cubs and Brownies who wear their club uniforms on Mondays and Thursdays, every child is expected to wear his/her Sports uniform and canvas shoes on his/her respective P.E days. A child, who is not dressed appropriately, will not be allowed to take part in P.E lessons.

    • Swimming Lessons:
    Days Morning Evening
    Monday Classes 1P, 1C, 3A and 7B Classes 3A, 7B & 7A
    Tuesday Classes 1A, 2D and 5A Classes 1A, 2D, 5A & 5B
    Wednesday Class 1D, 2C, 4C and  6, Classes 2C, 4C, 6 & 7B
    Thursday Classes 1B,4A and 5B,4C Classes 4A, 5B & 5A
    Friday Classes 3B, 4B, 4A and 7A Classes 3B, 4B, 7A & 6

    A child without a swimming costume will not be given a chance to swim.

    • Clubs:

    Parents who registered their children in the following clubs; Cubs and Brownies, Christian Network, Piano, MDD, Muslim and Aerobics are reminded to pay the term subscription fee of UGX 20,000/= by 20th June 2016 for the smooth running of the club activities.

    The school also runs a Children’s multi –activity Club (Amazon) at a cost of UGX 50,000/= per term. The members of the club meet on Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00/5:00pm (warm lunch is available at a cost).  The club is open for all the levels (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue) and the old pupils of KKA below 12 years. For more details, please contact the Patron (HOD Co-curricular) Mr. Briann Ssemiti on 0773783349/0704760583. However the Saturday swimming lessons are still available at UGX 3,000/=.

    The clubs timetable runs as follows:

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Cubs & Brownies MDD, Piano & Aerobics Christian Network Cubs & Brownies and  Aerobics Christian Network, MDD, Piano & Muslim

    Apart from the Muslim club which takes place at (8:00 – 9:00am), the time for the club activities is (2:00 – 3:00pm).

    • Homework:

    It is the responsibility of the parent to supervise the child while doing the homework. Feel free to communicate your observations in the child’s diary for the teacher’s further attention.

    In addition to the homework, the children of Blue are given library books to read at home. If the book gets lost or spoilt, the parent will be kindly asked to replace it in cash or in kind. However, this has to be done through the office.


    • School Dues:

    All parents are expected to have made full payment of the school dues by the start of the term. No child will be allowed in class before paying all the school fees.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    • Pick up Details:

    We wish to thank the parents who pick up their children in time (by 1:00pm/6:00pm) and those that have adhered to our system of using the secret numbers whenever they send someone else to pick the children. We therefore advise parents who have not yet picked their secret numbers to do so because the school will strictly not give any child to a stranger.

    • Staff:

    Most of the staff members are healthy and already on duty apart from Tr. Mildred Birungi, Tr. Jascent Namawejje, Tr. Scovia Nalubwama and Guide Faridah Nakayima who have not yet come back due to sickness.

    • Security:

    Due to ‘Security Threats’ subjected to Institutions like schools, we request parents of KKA to be more cooperative during the pick and drop peak hours. Please take note of the following; park your car responsibly as guided by the staff parking guides, if you are entering the school, accept to be checked by the security officers and make sure you do not take long inside because we have limited space for parking. All parents who park and leave their cars outside the school are advised to stop it because the security officers have promised to put clumps on them. For the security and safety of our children, we kindly request for the parents’ maximum cooperation in this matter.

    The school also discourages parents who park outside and send siblings to pick their little sisters/ brothers from classes because they may not be conscious of security/safety risks as they cross the road.

    • First Aid Uniforms:

    We kindly request parents who are still keeping First Aid uniforms to return them to the class teachers. Parents, who will fail to return them, will be kindly asked to pay for the uniforms.

    • Lost Property:

    We humbly request all parents to check in your homes for property which do not belong to you and return it to school. The owners are desperately looking for it. Remember; “Today it is someone else, tomorrow it will be you trying to recover your property.” Therefore your cooperation in this matter will highly be appreciated.


    We wish you a peaceful and successful term. God bless you.


    Yours Sincerely,


    Nanyanzi Lucy

     Head Teacher