• Beginning of Term III Circular


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    Date: Wednesday September 27, 2017

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Re: Beginning of Term III Circular

    On behalf of the Staff and Management of Kampala Kindergarten Association, I welcome you back from the holidays.  I hope you had a great time with our little ones. Thank you for the good care because all of them have come back very happy and willing to learn. We officially opened the school for term III on Monday September 18,2017 and we have already embarked on our busy programme which includes the following:


    Mon. 11th   – Fri. 15th Sept.  2017 Staff Report Back to prepare for the term (Workshop)
    Mon. 18th Sept. 2017 Children Report Back
    Sat 7th Oct.  2017 INTERVIEWS FOR 2018 ENTRANTS
    Mon. 23rd – Fri. 27th  Oct. 2017 Open Week
    Sat. 28th Oct. 2017 Cultural Family Bazaar
    10th and 11th Nov. 2017 Swimming Galas
    Sat.  25th  Nov. 2017 End of Year Concert
    Thur. 30th  Nov. 2017 End of Year Children’s Party and Graduation
    Wed. 6th  Dec. 2017 End of Term III


    1. KKA Interviews for 2018 Entrants:

    The school will hold interviews for 2018 entrants on Saturday 7th October 2017 at the school. Interested parents are reminded to pick, fill and return the application forms before the end of September. Please take note that the school will only be able to contact parents who will have returned the application forms for the interviews.


    1. Open Week:

    This term’s open week is mainly organized for promotion purposes. Depending on the child’s progress, both the class teacher and the parent will agree on the appropriate class of promotion for the child. Parents of pre-primary, whose children are ready for P.1 next year, may also seek advice / guidance from the teachers on which schools they can take their children.


    1. Cultural Family Bazaar:

    The school will hold a Cultural Family Bazaar on October 28, 2017 at the school. The details will be communicated later.


    1. Swimming Gala:

    Parents are reminded to pack their children’s swimming costumes and towels according to the timetable below:

    Monday Classes 1P, 1C, 3A and 7B Classes 3A, 3B, 7B & 7A
    Tuesday Classes 1A, 2D and 5A, 4B Classes 1A, 2D, 5A & 5B
    Wednesday Class 1D, 2C, 4C and  6, Classes 2C, 4C, 6 & 7B
    Thursday Classes 1B, 4A and 5B, 4C Classes 3A, 4A, 5B & 5A
    Friday Classes 3B, 4B and 7A, 4A Classes 3B, 4B, 6 & 7A


    Swimming lessons are also conducted on Saturdays from 10:00am to 1:00pm at a cost of 3,000/=, per child. We therefore, encourage parents to utilize this programme in order to reinforce the children’s swimming skills as we prepare for the Swimming Gala which is scheduled for Friday 10th Nov. 2017 (Red Classes, 1D, 3B and 3A) and Saturday 11th Nov. 2017 (Blue Classes, 4C, 4B and 4A). The Gala will run under the theme; ‘With Creativity, I can swim safely’. For more details, please call the office or Teacher Briann on 0414342887 / 0704760583 respectively.


    1. End of Year Concert:

    We will hold our Annual Concert on Saturday 25th of November 2017 at the Wonder World Auditorium under the theme; ‘Creativity from the Beginning to the End’. The details will be communicated later.


    1. End of Year Children’s Party and Graduation:

    The End of Year Children’s Party will be held on Thursday 30th November 2017. Details will be communicated later.


    Kindly also take note of the following:


    1. School dues: We thank the parents who have paid all the school dues in time. Parents with balances are expected to clear by the end of September.



    1. Pick-up of Children:

    For security purposes, we do not permit a person who has not been formally introduced to the school to pick up your child. We therefore remind every parent to pick up their personal secret numbers in case of an emergency that may require you to send someone else. Please take note of the details on how to use the secret number which will be communicated to you as you pick it. Parents who have already picked the secret numbers are requested to make use of them correctly. The secret number is not given to the person you are sending, it is your identity while on phone. You only give him/her a self-created password.

    We have also noted that some parents send siblings to collect their little sisters/brothers from classes while they remain outside waiting in the cars. In order to avoid the accidents that are likely to come out, I wish to advise parents to pick the children from the classes by themselves. For that matter, teachers are requested not to allow any child to be picked by a sibling who is below eighteen years old.


    1. 1 Interviews:

    This being the season for P.1 admission interviews in most primary schools, I urge the parents whose children are ready for P.1 (Classes 7A, 7B, 6 and some of Classes 5A or 5B) to check with the schools of their choice for application forms and interview dates. Although our children are usually well prepared for the interviews, please inform the teachers about your child’s interview date early enough for final preparations. We are also reliably informed that Kabojja Junior School and Sir Apollo Primary School will conduct their P. 1 Entry interviews on Saturday 7th October 2017.


    1. Library Books:

    Parents whose children borrow school library books are reminded to supervise them as they read to avoid spoiling the books. A parent will be required to replace or pay cash for a lost or spoilt book.


    1. School Transport Scheme:

    The school runs a transport scheme for parents who find it hard to drop/pick their children. However, while the school vans are not supposed to work as taxis, it was found out that some drivers load them with passengers especially in the evenings after dropping the children at home. We request you to report any van you may suspect to be misused to the Head Teacher on Tel. no. 0754087386 / 0772960512. We thank the parents who have come up boldly to report the drivers who misuse the school vans hence putting our children’s lives at risk.


    1. Sick Children:

    In order to control the spread of infectious diseases among the children, you are reminded to leave the sick children at home. Please look out for common sicknesses like flu, cough, chicken pox, measles, mumps, red eyes, etc. every morning before your child leaves home for school. Please note; the school isolates a sick child until he/ she is picked by the parent to go for medical check-up / medication.


    1. Diaries and Clear bags:

    The school provides every child with a clear bag and a diary to ease communication between home and school. While a used-up diary is replaced by the school, a parent pays 2,000/= to the school bursar for a lost/spoilt diary. Kindly note; the school does not replace/sell clear bags for whatsoever reasons.


    1. Animal Rearing:

    We are happy to inform you that our farm is doing well. While we were selling cocks in Term I, eggs in Term II, we are selling off- layers in Term III. We thank the parents that have supported us by buying our farm products. In a special way, we wish to thank Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paul Ssempebwa, parents to Curtis Ssempebwa of class 4C for donating to us some two beautiful rabbits namely; Creative Curtis and Proud Pony.


    1. h) Staff:

    All Staff Members are generally well and have reported back for Term III apart from Tr. Jascent of class 4A who is still on her Maternity-leave.


    We look forward to your continued creativity.



    Sincerely yours,



    Nanyanzi Lucy

    Head Teacher