• End of term circular term 2


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    Date: Wednesday August 31, 2016

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Re: End of Term II 2016 Circular


    On behalf of the Management, Staff and Children of Kampala Kindergarten Association (KKA), I wish to congratulate you all upon the successful completion of term II 2016 which has ended today. We thank  you for your continued support . We also thank the Almighty God for enabling us through. As we break off for the holidays, we wish to communicate the following issues to you;


    1. Children’s End of Term Reports and Holiday Work:

    Every child has been given her/his end of term II report. Please study your child’s report carefully and if there are any issues of concern, kindly approach the Class Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher or Head Teacher for clarity.


    Holiday work has also been given to help the child to revise the taught concepts. Please, encourage your child to do the work under the supervision of a responsible person and return it at the beginning of

    term III for marking. Children who have been given Project Work  are advised to give it enough time by starting working on it at the beginning of the holiday.



    1. Children’s Files:

    Your child’s paper-work has been filed in his/her file. You may use it for revision purposes. However, for proper followup, parents are reminded to return the files at the beginning of the next term.

    1. School Fees:

    The school dues have remained the same; Normal Programme (half day) – 712,500/=, Day Care Programme (full day) – 962,500/=. All school dues are paid in the bank (not in cash) before the beginning of the term. The school can only receive cash for club fees, lunch charges, late pick-up fines and extra uniforms. Post-dated cheques are not accepted by the school any more. Parents with children on the transport scheme are requested to pay the term’s transport charges before the service is delivered. No child will be transported or allowed in class before payment is made.


    1. Thanksgiving:

    The school is organizing a thanksgiving ceremony to commemorate the 65 years of excellence on Sat. 10th Sept. 2016 from 9:30am to 12:30pm at the school. The management is inviting all the children, former and current parents, alumni and current pupils, Former Executive Committee Members and all the well wishers to attend the ceremony.


    Thanksgiving envelopes were given out to the parents through the children. I would like to thank those of you who have already responded by returning them. The school will remain open; you can always drop your envelop to the office or come with it on the very day of thanksgiving.

    All the children of KKA are expected to attend the ceremony in their dotted uniforms, black shoes and white/grey socks. Some children will have specific roles to play and there will be some play activities for the children.. “Come, Let us thank God for the 65 yrs of Excellence”. I believe you must be having something special to Thank God for KKA.


    1. Parking:

    Since our school is located in a security sensitive area, all parents are called upon to park their vehicles as expected (off road/off entrances) and to cooperate by following instructions given by the designated staff. Strictly avoid  off-loading in the middle of the road. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.



    1. Children Pick-up:

    Every parent is expected to have picked his/her child’s secret number from the Head teacher’s office by this time. The secret number helps in emergency situations where a parent is unable to pick the child and has to send someone else. For the child’s security, we request that you all cooperate with us in this matter.


    1. KKA Admissions for 2017:

    Parents who wish to enroll their children for the year 2017 are called upon to pick, fill and return the application forms before the entry interviews which will be conducted in October 2016. No special consideration will be accorded to late applicants.


    1. 1 Admissions for 2017:

    The Parents of the Blue Level whose children are ready for P.1, are reminded to visit the primary schools of their choice and apply for the child’s admission. Please note that most schools have already started conducting interviews for 2017 P.1 entrants.

    1. Amazon Club:

    As usual, the club will be open during the holiday on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm, for all levels (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and the Alumni who are below 10 yrs af age), at a cost of 100,000/=. For more details, please contact the Patron (HOD Co-curricular) Mr. Briann Ssemiti on 0773783349/0704760583. However the Saturday swimming lessons are still available at UGX 3,000/=.


    1. Term Activities
    2. Education Trips:

    During the term, the school organized education trips to different places for all the children of KKA at  their different levels and classes. While the Reds and the Yellows visited the Freedom City, the Greens and Blues visited the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre and each class had one or two specific trips to expose them more to their  Science Fair topics. Cubs and Brownies also visited the Uganda Parliament to expose them more about their term’s topic of Leadership. We thank the parents for the support  and we believe the children benefited much from the trips.

    1. Open Week:

    The week was organized for the parents to check on their children’s progress. Parents who did not turn up are advised to create some time next term to have a physical interaction with the teachers to establish the child’s progress and forge a way forward for further improvement.


    1. Science Fair:

    We held our Annual Science Fair on Saturday August 20, 2016 under the theme “With a Positive Attitude, we can use the environment Effectively.”  We wish to register our sincere appreciation to you for turning up in such big numbers. Special thanks go to the Guest of Honour Mrs. Kyosabire Florence Muhumuza (Supervisor Education Services KCCA Central Division) for accepting to preside over the function irrespective of her busy schedule.

    I would like to recognize the classes which emerged the winners at each level; 2D (Red & Yellow Level) 3B (Green level), 5B (Blue Level and overall winners). However, the winners will be awarded next Term.  Many thanks go to the teachers, support staff, parents and children for their tireless and selfless efforts towards the fair.


    Next term will begin on Wednesday September 28, 2016. We wish you  happy holidays.



    Nanyanzi Lucy

    Head Teacher