• End of Term III 2016



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    Date: Wednesday December 7, 2016

    Dear Parent/Guardian,


    We glorify the Almighty God who has enabled us to complete our academic year successfully. We also have to thank you for all the support you have rendered to the school throughout the year 2016. As we break off for holidays, I wish to communicate the following to you:

    1. End of Term Report:

    Every child of Yellow, Red and Green has been given her/his End of Term III of 2016 report. Please study your child’s report carefully; if there are any concerns, kindly discuss them with the Class Teachers, Deputy Head Teacher or the Head Teacher. Every child of Blue has been issued with a Certificate to mark her/his completion of the Kampala Kindergarten Association Curriculum. On behalf of the KKA Family, I wish them all the best wherever they are going for Primary Education. Please children of Blue, remember to keep the KKA candle burning!

    1. Admissions for 2017:

    Interviews for the 2017 admissions were conducted on Saturday October 15, 2016. Parents whose children passed the interviews are expected to pay the commitment fees and receive the admission forms by December 10, 2016. Parents who will have failed to complete admission by then, will forfeited their vacancies to the late applicants. Please also note that; no special favours will be accorded to parents of Kampala Kindergarten Association who fail to apply or complete admissions in time. In this regard, we shall have another set of interviews on January 12, 2017. Qualifying applicants will be contacted by telephone.

    1. School Dues:

    Although the cost of operations is increasing day by day, the school fees structure for 2017 has remained the same:


    ITEM TERM I – New TERM I – Continuing TERM II TERM III
    School Fees 404,500/= 404,500/= 404,500/= 404,500/=
    Break Meal 150,000/= 150,000/= 150,000/= 150,000/=
    Swimming Fees 30,000/= 30,000/= 30,000/= 30,000/=
    Requirements 25,000/= 25,000/= 25,000/= 25,000/=
    Development Fees 100,000/= 100,000/= 100,000/= 100,000/=
    Dotted Uniforms (2) 90,000/= 90,000/=
    Sweater (1) 40,000/= 40,000/=
    P.E Uniforms (1) 40,000/= 40,000/=
    School Socks (3) 24,000/= 24,000/=
    Membership fees 20,000/= 20,000/=
    Insurance Package 18,000/= 18,000/=
    Bank Charges 3,000/= 3,000/= 3,000/= 3,000/=
    Admission Fee 100,000/=
    TOTAL 1,044,500/= 944,500/= 712,500/= 712,500/=
    Daycare (optional) 250,000/= 250,000/= 250,000/= 250,000/=
    TOTAL 1,294,500/= 1,194,500/= 962,500/= 962,500/=

    Please note: We have increased 3000/= on the Insurance Package as a charge for VAT.

    For the smooth running of the school, please take note that full payment of school dues must be made in the bank before the child is brought back to school.

    In order to reduce on the first day congestion, the administration will be open starting 16th January 2017 to give out uniforms to children who will have made full payment.

    School Activities:

    Under the Theme of the Year ‘A Positive Attitude Leads to Excellence’, we have been able to successfully organize the following Activities throughout the year 2016.


    1.       Staff Party 1.       Class Photos 1.       Winners’ of  Science Fair Goat Roasting
    2.       Orientation Week 2.       Hand-over of the Executive Committee Offices 2.       Interviews for 2017 Admissions
    3.       Curriculum Week 3.       Educational Trips 3.       Open Week
    4.       Open Week 4.       Open Week 4.       Swimming Gala
    5.       Sports Day 5.       Science Fair 5.       End of Year Concert
    6.       Staff  Workshop 6.       Staff Evaluation 6.       Swimming Gala Winners’ Goat Roasting
    7.       Staff Party 7.       End of Year Children’s Party  & Graduation
    8.       Orientation Week 8.   Staff Evaluation

    We thank you all for your support and participation in the school activities. We have seen the theme of the year prevailing in all the activities and we believe that all the stakeholders will continue to endeavour to have “a Positive Attitude” in life. If you wish to get a DVD of any of the above activities, please approach the office.

    As a way of Giving Back to the Community, the school has offered an End of Year Concert DVD to every pupil of KKA. We hope the children will enjoy it during the holiday.

    1. KKA Amazon Club:

    The Amazon Holiday programme will begin on January 3, 2017 operating on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm at UGsh.100,000/= per head.

    1. Commencement of Term I, 2017:

    While the new children will report for school on Wed. 1st Feb. 2017, the continuing pupils will report on Wed. 8th Feb.  2017.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

    Yours Sincerely,

    Nanyanzi Lucy

    Head Teacher