• Open week term II 2017

    Open week, Open Week, Open Week at KKA!!!!!!!!

    At Kampala Kindergarten Association, an Open Week is the week when the parents of every child are given an opportunity to come to school on an official appointment to conference with the teachers of their child. During the conference, the two parties share their observations about the child. In case there is a problem with the child’s academic progress/social behavior /health, the two parties come up with strategies that can help the child to overcome the problem.

    This exercise promotes full involvement of the parent in his/her child’s education which in most cases improves the child’s general performance at school and at home.

    When some of the KKA Teachers were asked about the Open Week, below are some of their comments/ observations/recommendations:

    Class 6:

    • The Open Week helps us to collect more information about the child; which information is very useful in the process of teaching and handling the child.

    Class 1C teachers:

    • The Open Week strengthens the relationship between the parents and the teachers in their struggle to teach the child.

    Class 1B Teachers: 

    1. The open Week bridges the gap between home and school for the child.
    2. The teachers and parents get more committed to helping the child to improve because of the agreement set by the two parties.

    Class 3B Teachers: 

    1. The Open Week helps both parties (parents and teachers) to be able to monitor the child’s progress.
    2. The Open Week should continue because it makes our work somehow simpler.

    Class 5A Teachers:

    • Open Week promotes Teamwork as the two parties (parents and teachers) set specific goals/ objectives in the conference and get committed to follow them up in order to help the child.

    Deputy Head Teacher:

    1. The Open Week at KKA helps the Curriculum Manager to lay strategies for the individual learners.


    1. Basing on the information gathered during the Open Week Conference the Management can make informed decisions about the individual learners.