• Science Fair Circular 2017

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    Date: Thursday August 10, 2017

    Dear Parent/Guardian,
    In reference to our circular dated June 7, 2017, I write to invite you to the school ‘Annual Science Fair’ which is scheduled for this Saturday August 12, 2017 at 8:30am at the School. It is organized under the theme; “Creativity within Conservation of the environment” which is derived from the main year theme “Creativity Leads to Excellence”.

    Please take note of the following:
    1. All children will participate in their respective classes; therefore, they must arrive by 8:00am to organize their exhibitions which will be open for parents and visitors at 9:30am, after the general assembly.
    2. All children are expected to stay in their classes with their teachers until the close of the function.
    3. All children will wear their proper uniforms (dotted, black shoes, grey/white socks).
    4. The school will provide the children of KKA with a break meal.
    5. Eats and drinks will be on sale by KKA Staff for parents and visitors.
    6. Parents are requested to come with some money to buy their children’s science pieces at the end of the exhibition.
    7. Hand-over your child to the class teachers in the morning and get a gate-pass as you pick the child after the function.
    8. Unauthorized persons will not be allowed to sell anything at the function.
    9. Nakasero Primary School premises will also be open for parking on that day.

    Please come and support your child who is one of the exhibitors of the day.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Nanyanzi Lucy